The musicians forming the Mountweazel quartet met in Berlin playing together in the Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra.

They began working together in 2015, seeking a personal approach to the relationship between improvised and organized music. After exploring a “free jazz” approach they came to a formula based on the use of graphic scores, through which they are able to organize “informally” the flow of improvised sounds and oblique themes.

Therefore the music proposed is a mix of freely improvised music and unconventional scores, composed by the band members.

The informal attitude of the four musicians allows to make use of a music that is complex and passionate at the same time, between classical avant-garde and the creative impulse typical of the punk attitude, where the extremes touches themselves giving life to a music “lived dangerously”.


This is a demo recorded in a diy fashion in our studio.
Better quality audio tracks will come soon.
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