ECHO CHAMBER is an instrumental trio formed by Davide Lorenzon, Michele Pedrazzi and Chris Hill. The three musicians, already active in the experimental scene of Berlin, met through different projects and collaborations, often gravitating around the label Aut Records. Meeting as three foreigner in Berlin has a sort of ironic side (maybe a risk to build your own “echo chamber”?), but also an opportunity to rethink musical roots and sensitivity. The result is a jazz-influenced music, that finds its way among pulsating electronics, melodic statements and odd rhythms, that eludes “cliché chambers” and looks for new idioms.

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Kongrosian is the long lasting project with Davide Lorenzon as co-leader. It’s a reed trio, made up by Alberto Collodel on bass clarinet, Ivan Pilat on baritone sax and Davide himself now on tenor sax. The trio, focused on original music written by all the musicians, is active since 2008 and released four albums (two lives) on Aut Records: Bootstrap Paradox in 2010, The exit door leads in in 2012, Live in Berlin featuring Matthias Schubert in 2013 and, as Kongrorchestra, Live at Spore Festival in 2016. The albums are all available on Aut Records’ website.

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Based in Berlin, Mountweazel is a quartet consisting of Federico Eterno on alto sax, Davide Lorenzon on tenor sax, Antti Virtaranta on doublebass and Adrian David Krok on drums. After a period of research and different changes the band found its way working on graphics score, original and uncanny themes and a good dose of improvisation. They call their music chamber punk-jazz. After an European tour, the band at the moment is mixing the first album, that will be out on late 2017.

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Hic Salta is an ever-changing-form project founded and led by musician Davide Lorenzon. The main focus is on conceptual games, experimental recording processes and bizarre ideas. A first digital album called Chinese Whispers has been released on Aut Records featuring Nicola Guazzaloca on piano and Stefano Meucci on electronics. The second one will be featured by Giulia Vismara on electronics and Elia Moretti on percussion, we are working on it and it will be out before the end of 2017.

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Aut Records is a record label dedicated to experimental and research music. Founded by Davide Lorenzon in 2010, its aim is to document a musical environment that cannot be assigned to a particular genre, and is removed from any specific musical language, although the main music areas of interest could be find in avant-jazz and experimental electronic music.

The main goal of Aut Records is to promote projects concerning unusual sonorities, affirming that any intriguing result derives from an adventurous research off the beaten tracks.