Echo Chamber


Echo Chamber is an instrumental trio formed by Davide Lorenzon, Michele Pedrazzi and Chris Hill. The three musicians, already active as experimenters in the Berlin scene, are also the people behind crossover labels such as Aut Records and Average Negative.

Echo Chamber is then a natural convergence of similar approaches: jazz-influenced structures, electric drive and electronic complexification. But Echo Chamber is also the very opposite of an affinity bubble: it is looking outside itself, outside the chamber, constantly dismantling clichés and probing directions.


Echo Chamber, the Berlin-based trio, debuts on Aut Records with „Antinodal“, an EP that reveals the group’s rich musical formula. Davide Lorenzon, Michele Pedrazzi and Chris Hill deliver a collection of songs that seems to sit comfortably among different colors: melodic invention, electroacoustic textures, fluent improvisation. But this smoothness actually stems from tension, a contrast that still emerges in the EP’s most hectic passages. And every time the band regains control of its own „chamber”, new special spots are found, new nodes and antinodes.