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Hic Salta


Hic salta is a project that I founded in 2010. It has a strange life, it came to life with a particular formation with Nicola Guazzaloca on piano, Alberto Collodel on bass clarinet and myself on alto sax. We did a concert at “Casa Persico”, a good private place near Treviso in Veneto region. Now that I live in Berlin it became something different: again with Nicola Guazzaloca and with electronic wizard Stefano Meucci we gave birth to a compositional game that I called “False Friend”.

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“False Friend” is a compositional game that works as follow: “A”, “B” and “C” records a track by themselves. “A” send its track to “B” and “C” and these must record a track listening to the track of “A”, responding and interacting with it. Then B and C have to send their product to each other so to obtain this two chain A-B-C and A-C-B. This process will be repeated also by “B” and “C”, and doing so we will obtain also B-A-C and B-C-A with the original track of “B”; C-A-B and C-B-A will be the result with the original track of “C”.  Every original track will have two different paths, two different developments according to the order of the musician for the total of 6 tracks.

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