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Federico Eterno _ alto sax | Davide Lorenzon _ tenor sax | Antti Virtaranta _ doublebass | Adrian David Krok _ drums

Nicola Guazzaloca _ piano

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Doublethink (2018)

Buy the album on cd or digital download from Aut Records’ bandcamp

The musicians forming the Mountweazel quartet met in Berlin playing together in the Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra.
They began working as a band in 2015, seeking a personal approach to the relationship between improvised and organised music. After exploring a “free jazz” approach they came to a formula based on the use of graphic scores, through which they are able to organise “informally” the flow of improvised sounds and oblique themes.
Therefore the music proposed is a mix of freely improvised music and unconventional scores, composed entirely by the band members.
The informal attitude of the four musicians allows to make use of a music that is complex and passionate at the same time, between classical avant-garde and the creative impulse typical of the punk attitude, where the extremes touches themselves giving life to a music “lived dangerously”.

The album, recorded just after their first european tour, is called “Doublethink”, an homage to Orwell’s idea of a simultaneous and often unconscious presence of incompatible values and thoughts. Different contradictions of this kind are depicted along the six tracks of the album with sounds, noises, notes, melodies, cacophonies, improvisation and also silence, not only juxtaposed, but in constant internal dialogue with moments of fight and, surprise!, sometimes resolution.



01. Purity of Essence 10:05
02. Hungry Waves 04:38
03. Apopudobalia 08:19
04. Kaffeemischung 03:19
05. Esrum Hellerup 10:56
06. If, Then 07:53[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]